EurAV brings the theory to film training on set

Declan Cassidy, a member of EurAV’s board, is a busy tv and film maker with four projects currently in production for community television.

“In what is largely a post-truth society, fuelled by social media, I feel that it’s vital that communities can not only speak for themselves, but that they have a chance to be heard amid the overwhelming digital noise,” explained Cassidy. “Through social media, we reach out to people who are interested in content creation – especially those from minority or disadvantaged groups and communities – and we try to give them the opportunity to learn from us in a hands-on way, so that they are better equipped to create media that is effective. By teaming up with EurAV, we’re able to put the theory and certification alongside that practical training.”

Heading up the training development for EurAV is new team member Isabella Marín. A native of Spain, Isabella has a background in European Studies and Media Studies.

“This collaboration gives a depth to what we can offer,” she said. “Academic study too often leaves students with theory but no practice, and practical training can leave gaps and a lack of structure. By working with Declan to provide students with both hands-on and theory training, we can provide something very comprehensive.”

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