Budget tool for organisations applying for Erasmus Plus funding

Anyone applying for EU funding under the Erasmus Plus Smallscale Partnerships initiative will be familiar with the lump-sum funding model – where the budget is made up of activities, the individual costs of which add up to 30,000 or 60,000. EurAV is currently partner in three such projects and, as the October deadline for the second round of funding for 2023 approaches, is involved in a number of further applications. Project manager, Isabel Marín, has come up with a clever, simple Excel sheet that breaks down the budget to show what each partner’s allocation of the budget is under three categories: staff costs, travel costs and ‘other’. The template presumes three partners, but a simple ‘copy and paste’ can create further partner columns. The template is available for free download below. We hope you’ll find it useful, and all the best with your applications. EurAV is happy to collaborate on any project involving climate action, media literacy or social integration where we can bring audio-visual and creative skills to training development or media content production.


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