Studio filming starts in Drogheda for forthcoming tv channel

TVM1 will be an online tv channel that serves the communities along the M1 motorway from North Dublin to Dundalk. Based at the EurAV offices and studio in Drogheda, the channel aims to provide a platform for the various groups and individuals that make up this East coast community.

“There was a time when everyone got the news from the same few places – the newspapers or the national broadcaster on radio or tv,” explained EurAV spokesperson Moira Cassidy. “That has all changed beyond recognition. We’re in a digital communication society where one person is getting their information from RTE the BBC or, perhaps, the national broadcaster of a country that they’ve moved to Ireland from, while someone else is getting all their news from a YouTuber or TikTok influencer and, in the meantime, another person is listening to the chat in a group on Facebook. When journalists were reporting, they had to check facts because they could be sued if they got it wrong. So while social media is great in that it gives a platform to anyone to to share their view, it also means that there’s a lot of absolutely untrue ‘news’ being spread around. Sometimes its because of innocent mistakes, but often it’s someone with an agenda, trying to manipulate the public for politics or good old fashioned greed. What we want to do with TVM1 is train members of different groups to present their own news on the station. It means that viewers are ‘getting it from the horse’s mouth’ so they can rely on it.”

EurAV are currently looking to hear from any groups or communities who are interested in using the studio and the TVM1 tv channel to get their news out to the public. They’re also looking for volunteers, with or without experience, who are interested in community television production.

“We’re happy to train people to use the lights, cameras and sound equipment so that they can create content or help other people to do so,” said Moira. “The skills they learn at our studio are really important in these days of online content creation. We’re also planning to make the programmes of interest beyond the M1 communities, available to Dublin Community Television, which broadcasts on the Virgin Media platform so there’s a chance for them to appear on the ‘real’ television, not just online.”

One of the first people to use the studio for community media production is Yana Prokopenko, a university graduate and business woman who was forced to flee Ukraine.

“Yana is going to present a series from the perspective of Ukrainians in Ireland,” explained Moira. “We’re also hoping to have music programmes featuring local artists and all sorts of stuff – some fun, some serious. The common theme will be that it’s genuine community content that people can trust.”

Anyone interested in getting involved in the studio and TVM1 should contact EurAV at

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