Capacity building supports voices from the margins

In the cacophony of digital noise that all but the most remote societies are bombarded with these days, it is hard to be heard. Yet, since the pandemic, with remote working and remote interaction having become more the norm than the exception, communicating ‘via the cloud’ is unavoidable. For minority communities, on the margins – from non-national communities to LGBT+ – the bypassing of mainstream media that social media platforms represent is both a challenge and an opportunity.

As a non-profit organisation, specialising in audio visual communication, EurAV has teamed up with community media producers to develop training that targets members of these minority communities, in order to build their production capacity and furnish them with the tools to create content that can stand out in a sea of images, videos, sounds and words. In addition, EurAV puts a module on media literacy at the heart of the training offering ensure that the next generation of content creators are aware of their responsibility to fact checking and accuracy in reporting and storytelling.

The latest project that has enlisted EurAV to work with trainees is “Six o’ the best” – a hybrid community television series that sees six short dramas produced – each one addressing a social theme – and six accompanying short documentaries that explore the relevant theme raised by the film.

The project, which will be produced on a micro budget, should it get the ‘green light’, will be submitted for funding consideration to the newly formed Coimisiún na Meán – formerly the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland – which is a staunch supporter of community media.

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