About us


EurAV began as a voluntary association of creative and community media professionals. The focus of the company is to work on a trans-European network level, within the framework of EU aims and objectives, to advance three core principles – social inclusion and equity, climate action and media literacy. EurAV’s media skillset makes it a key resource for communicating ideas, developing relevant communications training and helping participants find their own voices. EurAV is a member of the Media Literacy Ireland working group and a member of Ireland’s community television network, supporting the growth of community television as a tool for social communication and inclusion. The organisation works with both youth and adult individuals, groups and organisations.

Relevant experience and activities

As a community media training and production entity, EurAV has, since its inception over a decade ago, been involved in hundreds of socially focussed audio visual projects for and with local and national Government bodies, NGOs, community groups and individuals including film making for human rights organisation Amnesty International. EurAV has also developed and delivered training in both traditional and new media for public and private entities both in Ireland and abroad. EurAV is a member of Dublin Community Television and is committed to developing and providing free online training in community media with the aim of capacity building in community media production within communities. With an emphasis on lifelong and lifewide learning, EurAV has worked with youth, adults and senior citizens and, with diversity as a core value, with both ‘mainstream’ and ‘minority’ demographics. The company has been involved in developing and delivering formal, non-formal and informal education and training. While not an educational institution, has developed close working relationships with schools, colleges and youth groups in Dublin and its surrounding counties. EurAV has an associate relationship with “Fit Kids, Fit Teens” ­– a youth organisation of 35 years standing that has a private membership, including young people and their parents, of 2,700, with 28 youth workers undertaking youth culture training with the members. The organisation has a large multicultural mix of actively engaged young people. The Fit Kids / Fit Teens founder sits on the EurAV board to ensure that activities developed are relevant, appropriate and practicable. EurAV is also providing online-based media literacy training to support practical ‘hands-on’ work experience in collaboration with community television producers. EurAV represents a powerhouse of experience, with each member adding to a combined toolkit of competencies in project management, innovation, collaboration, effective community outreach, educational development and delivery of training across the societal spectrum.

Expertise of the EurAV team

The EurAV or is very much a microcosm of the diversity in cultural background and life experience that makes the European community so rich in living heritage. There are five languages spoken within the core team and, as a result, a wide appreciation of the cultural smorgasbord that makes up the Union.